The Graphical user interface of the Gaia Object Generator (GOG)

The Gaia Object Generator (GOG) is a software developed by the CU2 team of the Gaia Data Processing and Analysis Consortium (DPAC), mostly at the University of Barcelona. The main goal of GOG is simulate the Gaia ‘products’. It provides:

* `True data’ and data as observed by Gaia (affected by errors).
* Epoch (transit) and combined (end-of-mission) data.

It is based on a model of the Gaia instruments and error models provided by other CUs of DPAC (the models will be updated during mission operations). GOG can generate a model catalogue from the GUMS universe model (integrated in GOG) according to user requirement or a catalogue from an external list of sources provided by the user from which to compute Gaia outputs (data affected by errors).


Recently, the use of GOG has been simplified by a new graphical user interface, which supports the actions necessary to achieve the goals of the user simulations. This work has been developed in order to enhance the efficiency and ease of use of GOG, attracting new users and providing facilities to the current ones.