The experience of our group at the University of Barcelona (IEEC ICCUB) in the space sector begins with the satellite Hipparcos (1989-1993). Our group has contributed since its inception in the concept of the Gaia mission and design. Our team has a major role in the development of the simulations, the initial processing and photometric data from the mission.

The team consists of around 30 people, including scientists and engineers, ranging from software development to data management, as its monitoring and scientific validation. The Data Processing Center of Barcelona also led by our team, coordinates the operation of the heaviest part of the reduction of operational data in the Marenostrum (Barcelona Supercomputing Center BSC-CNS) and CSUC.


GaiaUB team



Antoja, Teresa

tantoja (at)


709 (new building)

Balaguer-Núñez, Lola

lbalaguer (at)


715 (new building)

Bartolomé, Sergi

sbartolome (at)


04A02 (PCB)

Bernet, Marcel

mbernet (at)


04A02 (PCB)

Cantat-Gaudin, Tristan

tcantat (at)


V725 (old building)

Carrasco, Josep Manel

carrasco (at)


V722 (old building)

Castañeda, Javier

jcastapo (at)


04A01 (PCB)

Castro, Alfred

acastro (at)


V725 (old building)

Castro, Pau

pcastro (at)


04A05 (PCB)

Fabricius, Claus

claus (at)


V710I (ICC)

Figueras, Cesca

cesca (at)


714 (new building)

Jordi, Carme

carme (at)


710 (new building)

Luri, F.Xavier

xluri (at)


713 (new building)

Masana, Eduard

emasana (at)


715 (new building)

Masip, Albert

amasip (at)


04A1 (PCB)

Molina, Dani

dmolina (at)


709 (new building)

Mor, Roger
rmor (at)
+34934039232 V752 (old building)

Portell, Jordi

jportell (at)


04A04 (PCB)

Ribas, Salvador

sjribas (at)


V714I (ICC)

Romero, Mercè

mromero (at)


709 (new building)

Soria, Sergio
ssoria (at)


04A05 (PCB)

Torra, Ferran

ftorra (at)


04A02 (PCB)

Torra, Jorge

Weiler, Michael

mweiler (at)


V722 (old building)




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Abedi, Hoda on February 2015 work in IT, London (UK)
Anglada, Guillem on 2008 Queen Mary University (UK)
Antiche, Erika on February 2016 works in IT, London (UK)
Batallé, Dafnis on 2010 works in IT
Blagorodnova, Nadejda on 2011 works in IT (US)
Borrachero, Raul on October 2017 works in IT, Barcelona (Spain)
Casamiquela, Laia on March 2018 Observatoire de Bordeaux (France)
Castellà, Feliu on 2012 works in IT, Barcelona
Clotet, Marcial on November 2017 works in IT, Barcelona (Spain)
Conejero, David on 2007 Barcelona (Spain)
Dueñas, Sergi on 2016 works in IT, Barcelona (Spain)
Farras, Marti on 2016 works in IT, Barcelona (Spain)
Fries, Aidan on October 2012 works in IT, Barcelona (Spain)
Gallardo, Eva on January 2014 works in IT, Heildelberg (Germany)
Garralda, Nora on June 2017 works in IT, Barcelona (Spain)
Gonzalez, Juanjo on Oct 2018 works in IT, Barcelona (Spain)
Gurpide, Andres on 2015 works in IT, Barcelona (Spain)
Herrero, Enrique on October 2014 ICE, UAB-IEEC (Spain)
Isasi, Yago on 2011 works in IT
Julbe, Francesc on January 2018 works in Big Data and Information Technologies
Lauwaert, Felix on January 2018 works in IT, Barcelona (Spain)
López, Belen on 2008 works in Madrid (Spain)
Luengo, Cristina on February 2018 works in Genomics Research
Martínez, Oscar on 2011 works in IT (Barcelona)
Madrero, Pau on February 2019 works as Data Scientist at FC Barcelona
Miret, Núria on September 2017 Observatoire de Bordeaux (France)
Monguió, María on April 2014 University of Hertfordshire (UK)
Palmer, Max on January 2015 works in IT, London (UK)
Peñalosa, Xavi on November 2019 works in IT, Ireland
Peralta, Jordi on 2010 works in IT, Barcelona
Roca, Santi on July 2015 Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Sagristà, Toni on November 2013 ARI, Heildelberg (Germany)
Valles, Pau on 2012 works in IT, Barcelona
Voss, Hölger on January 2017 Germany
Zaldua, Iñigo on 2007 in IT