“Catalan algorithm for the European Space Agency” (Via empresa, 5 Feb 2015)

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Title: “Catalan algorithm for the European Space Agency “

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Publication date: 5 February 2015


Catalan algorithm for the European Space Agency
Aiats Agustí BARCELONA 05|02|2015

Scientists have developed this company Catalan algorithm for compressing information useful in the world of cloud and mobile sector.

Francesc Julbe and equipment Dapcom have worked for more than 10 years on the project of the European Space Agency Gaia processing software. During this time they have developed an algorithm for data compression mechanism to compress and send large amounts of data very effectivelyNow Julbe and business specific applications Dapcom looking for this formula to compress information.

 Space Business Search

Dapcom is one of the first companies that have installed the ESA BIC Barcelona, managed by Barcelona Activa and located in the building RDIT Park UPC.This, ESA BIC is a program to evaluate the technology transfer to other sectors. From space, from satellites that the European Space Agency has on our heads.

Dapcom presents Fapex.

This is a compression algorithm to compress data communications and set to work in space.The idea is to commercially exploit this algorithm and the possibilities are immense, “says JULBE. Since Dapcom we provide data compression and multi sector such as we are in an incubation program of ESA, our goal is to refocus the business space to other sectors, adds the entrepreneur. Julbe explains that “now we are more of a consultant and we aim to develop a finished product applicable to other areas.”

Compressed data and speed
Dapcom not yet started two years ago, the company now has eight entrepreneurs, a person full time and three interns. Julbe is engingyer telecommunications and other members of Dapcom are three professors, three engineers and two doctors in physics. JULBE says, work is beginning to bear fruit, but “we have a modest turnover this year will close between 80,000 and 90,000 euros.”

Julbe described more specifically what exactly you do in Dapcom:: “With the technology of data compression that we do is to reduce the volume of data to manage, but this depends on the use case”. A process of telecommunications -he goes on- “means a data transfer from one side to the other with a bandwidth of 1, 10, 15 megs or whatever. The problem arises when, says the engineer, the volume of data can not fit through the canal since the time you need to convey this information,” and here is where Dapcom “If the compress can be shared more effectively .

In the case of satellites it is very important, “says JULBE. “All the technology onboard is very expensive and do not have large amounts of memory, so the data must be sent quickly. The algorithm developed is very effective in terms of time and compression ratio: and that makes it very competitive in other areas where there are already other compressors, “says the scientist.

The satellites put technology on Earth
Now Dapcom is dedicated to searching areas where this algorithm may be useful, for example the cloud world, the sector of mobile telephony, scientific research, super computers, Big Data, multimedia, social networking and online gaming. So the idea is to stop work according to specific projects and to create a finished product applicable to markets other than the space.

The Keys
Dapcom quickly and effectively compress large amounts of information.
The fields of application of this technique are very large.
Francis and his companions JULBE accumulated years of experience in the AEE.