KRATOS: 2TB from Óscar Jimenez Arranz

The Universitat de Barcelona (UB) has published at the Repositori de Dades de Recerca (RDR, research data repository) a 2-Terabytes (TB) dataset “KRATOS: A large suite of N-body simulations to interpret the stellar kinematics of LMC-like discs” generated by the researcher Óscar Jiménez Arranz and linked to his doctoral thesis dedicated to the study of the galactic and kinematic structure of the Magellanic Clouds.

The dataset consists of 28 simulations with 183 files each, along with different scripts to run them and a README file documenting the content.

A large part of KRATOS is part of the Open Clouds for Research Environments project (OCRE), funded by the European Horizon research and innovation program of the European Union, where the GaiaUB group won €100,000 in computing hours.

With this dataset, the repository has grown from almost 2 TB to 4 TB.

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