Pau Castro


Pau Castro
pcastro (at)

Office number: 04A05 (4th floor, D tower, Parc Científic de Barcelona)

Telephone number: +34 93 403 98 45


Pau Castro is a Computer Science from Barcelona who joined the Gaia team in the University of Barcelona in March 2018. His interest in astronomy an working with a big Datasets led him to join Gaia team.

He is currently helping to implement and adapt test cases responsible to validate the internal consistency of Gaia Catalogue, along with other members of CU9 unit in Barcelona. In addition, he is helping to develop and maintain the framework used for this Gaia data validation providing a set of common tools used by all the test cases involved in validation. Moreover, he is working on Gaia Analysis Tool (GAT), responsible to statistically validate the data observed by Gaia.