Nora Garralda


ngarralda (at)

Office number: V705I (ICC)

Telephone number: +34 93 403 13 27

Task: GAIA (CU3/ DPCB)



Nora joined the Gaia Team at the UB in June 2011. Since then she has been working in CU3 as a software developer and testing engineer for the IDT and IDTools, implementation and validation of scientific algorithms but also supporting framework and technical issues.

Nora obtained her B.Sc Degree in Telecommunications Engineering in 2008 from the Universidad Pública de Navarra, and her M.Sc degree in Information and Communication Technologies in 2011 from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. She did her Master about nanocommunication networks with the N3Cat group (NaNoNetworking center in Catalonia).

Her work on the Gaia mission represents her first steps into astronomy.