Laia Casamiquela


laia.casamiquela (at)

Office number: V720 (7th floor old Physics building)

Telephone number: +34 93 402 11 22


Tasks: Gaia CU8, OCCASO, Weave,…




My research activities fall within the topics of stellar and Galactic physics. I obtained my PhD in physics in 2017 in the University of Barcelona, where I led the OCCASO survey, dedicated to study the properties of the open cluster population of our Galaxy. My studies are centered on the analysis of the spectra of stars of the Milky Way, to obtain a detailed description of stars, in particular of their chemical abundances and ages. My main interest is to understand the origin and history of the different components of the Milky Way making use of this detailed chemical description coupled with the ultra-high precision dynamical information provided by the Gaia satellite. In turn, this detailed data of stars allows us to push the limits of our understanding of stellar structure and evolution.

I also enjoy taking part in outreach activities such as conferences and public telescope observations. I am particularly proud of leading an outreach/educational project in the program Youth and Science for the past 8 years and counting. The project aims at encouraging scientific-technological vocations of teenagers with talent and interest in astrophysics. I am also co-author of the outreach book “Finestres al cel: teoria, observacions i simulacions per entendre l’Univers” published in 2023.

Thanks to the MW-Gaia COST Action I have made a compilation of the publicly available resources for stellar spectroscopists, including radiative transfer codes, packages for measuring atmospheric parameters and chemical abundances and linelists. You can check it out here!



Most relevant publications: