Pau Ramos


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Office number: (7th floor new Physics building)

Telephone number: +34 93 —

Task: Margarita Salas fellow


Pau Ramos graduated as an engineer at Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya in 2014, after which he started working in the private sector. 2 years later he realised that outreach videos about the Universe were not enough to satiate his curiosity, and that led him to enrolling in the Master in Astrophysics, Particle Physics and Cosmology, imparted by the University of Barcelona. He then was awarded a grant that allowed him to pursue a career in Science.

He did his Ph.D. at the Institut de Ciències del Cosmos de la Universitat de Barcelona (ICCUB), under the supervision of Dr. Teresa Antoja, studying the kinematic substructure of the Milky Way with Gaia DR2 data. During his Ph.D. he mapped structures called moving groups continuously throughout the disc for the first time, provided the largests samples of the Sagittarius stream and even designed a new method to study the outskirts of the disc and the structures that dwell there (Monoceros, ACS, etc.).

In September 2020, he successfully defended his thesis and, right after, joined the Strasbourg Astronomical Observatory, where he collaborated with Dr. Rodrigo Ibata and Dr. Benoit Famaey and continued working on both disc dynamics and the Sagittarius stream. Recently, he has been awarded the Margarita Salas grant and is now working at the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan.


Most relevant publications: