Jordi Torra


Jordi Torra i Roca
jordi (at)

Office number: 723 (7th floor new Physics building)

Telephone number: +34 93 402 11 28

Task: Professor


Since the start of the Gaia project, the University of Barcelona has taken a great interest in various aspects of the project, including the photometric aspects, data simulation, and the studies of the prototype data analysis system. In 1999, ESA awarded a contract to the Madrid software company GMV for a study of the data analysis environment for Gaia, a major study supported by the University of Barcelona. Jordi Torra leads the Barcelona work on the data analysis system, liasing with the data base efforts of GMV, the supercomputing centre of Catalunya which supplies the hardware required for the study, and the scientific algorithms provided by the Gaia scientific teams. Jordi is co-leader of the scientific working group on the data processing prototype.



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