This is a small, but focused workshop, whose aim is to provoke a very active and fruitful discussion among a small group of participants which includes both galaxy modelling community and DPAC teams. As such, this is not a forum to present current work, but rather to establish the needs and the adequate interface to maximize the scientific returns from the Gaia mission, in the shortest time. Participants are encouraged to use their presentations to put forward proposals, needs and methods to establish a dialogue that could put those proposals and needs within a realistic framework.

Session Title
29 February    
14:00-15:45 Session 1 What we will see (Chairman: G. Gilmore)
  Daisuke Kawata Welcome (5min)
  Anthony Brown Status and data releases (15m+5m)
  Jos de Bruijne Detailed astometric performances predictions (15m+5m)
  Celine Reyle The Gaia Simulator: scientific contents (15m+5m)
  Xavier Luri The Gaia Object Generator (GOG): future scientific exploitation (15m+5m)
  William O'Mulane Serving a simulated Gaia Catalogue from ESAC/GAP (15m+5m)
15:45-16:15 Coffee break
16:15-18:00 Session 1(cont.) What we will see (Chairman: G. Gilmore)
  Coryn Bailer-Jones Astrophysical Parameter accuracy from low resolution spectra (15m+5m)
  Carine Babusiaux Related surveys to the Gaia mission (15m+5m)
  Gerry Gilmore Wish list for modellers (15m+5m)
  Summary talk and discussion G. Gilmore
1 March    
9:00-12:25 Session 2 What we need/want to do with Gaia mock catalogue (Chairman: J. Binney)
9:00-9:25 James Binney Galaxy Modelling (review talk)
  Paul McMillan Analysing observations using orbital torus models (12m+3m)
  Ralf Schoenrich Simple measurements of Galactic rotation (12m+3m)
  Jorge Peñarrubia Measuring the Milky Way potential without dynamical models (12m+3m)
10:10-10:40 Coffee break  
  Victor Debattista Particle Dynamical Modelling the Milky Way (12m+3m)
  Annie Robin Update on the development of the Besançon Galaxy Model and implications for Gaia simulations (12m+3m)
  Douglas Marshall From Planck to Gaia - exciting perspectives for the interstellar medium (12m+3m)
  5 minutes short talks:  
  Esko Gardner The Milky Way, made-to-measure
  Teresa Antoja Disk kinematic groups with Gaia
  Octavio Valenzuela Milky Way Spiral Arms History
  Oleksiy Golubov Asymmetric drift of the thin disc main sequence stars
  S. Pasetto Millions stars synthetic CMD generator: a novel technique to exploit Gaia photometric catalogue
  R. Hanson Building a 3D extinction model
  B. Rocca-Volmerange Synthetic galaxy libraries at low and high spectral resolution for Gaia
  Antonella Vallenari Open clusters as disk tracers
12:05-12:25 Summary talk and discussion J. Binney
12:30-13:30 Lunch
13:30-15:30 Session 3 What we need/want to do with Gaia mock catalogue (Chairman: L. Athanassoula)
13:30-13:55 Lia Athanassoula The bar/bulge model for the Milky Way (review talk)
13:55-14:10 I. Martínez-Valpuesta A bar/bulge model for the Milky Way to be compared with the Gaia Mock Catalogue (12m+3m)
14:10-14:20 5 minutes short talks:  
  M. Romero-Gómez Kinematics of the Galactic Bar: Gaia capabilities
  Andres Moitinho What will the visualization of the Gaia Catalogue be?
14:20-14:40 Summary talk and discussion L. Athanassoula
14:40-15:00 Coffee break  
15:00-17:45 Session4 Mock Catalogue
  Practical work with GUMS ("ideal" error-free catalogue, up to G=20) and GOG (actual catalogue simulation including Gaia-like observations, up to G=17)
  Set up of the local Virtual Machine (VM) in your computer: Daniel Tapiador (30 minutes)
  Step by step: running first examples in your local VM
  Deploying and executing in Amazon: demonstration
19:30 Workshop dinner and optional visit to the MNAC  
2 March    
9:30-10:40 Session 5 What we need/want to do with Gaia mock catalogue (Chairman: L. Aguilar)
9:30-9:55 Luis Aguilar Digging out substructure in the galactic halo with Gaia. What has been done and what needs to be done (review talk)
  Rok Roskar Interpreting Observations with the aid of N-body Simulations (12m+3m)
  Andreea Font Reconstructing merger histories from local disc observables. Insights from cosmological simulations (12m+3m)
  Justin Read Measuring the local dark matter density: the utility of N-body mock data (12m+3m)
10:40-11:00 Coffee break  
  Paola Di Matteo Signatures of secular processes and accretion events in the Milky Way disk (12m+3m)
  Chiaki Kobayashi Chemodynamical simulations and stellar yields (12m+3m)
  Ivan Minchev Milky Way chemodynamics in the Gaia era (12m+3m)
  Cristina Chiappini Future ground-based spectroscopy surveys: adding value to the Gaia data and constraining theoretical models (12m+3m)
12:00-12:20 Summary talk and discussion L. Aguilar
12:30-13:30 Lunch  
13:30-14:30 Session6 Discussion
  Gaia Archive William O'Mullane
  GREAT ITN School Annie Robin
  Grand Challenges Francesca Figueras, Daisuke Kawata
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