Summary of activities Sep 2015 - Nov 2015

WP1 - Management

  • Joint GENIUS-CU9 plenary meeting #2, 21-23 September 2015.
  • Part-time engineer contracted to help on documentation issues.
  • Second Review Meeting with the presentation of all WP to the Project Officer and the Reviewer, Barcelona, 26 October 2015.
  • Mid Term Review Meeting 20 Nov. 2016, Leiden, coincident with general plenary meeting of Gaia CU9. Presentation of all WP leaders to the External Advisory Board:
  • Received positive Review Report from P. Moriarty,our reviewer (23 Nov 2015)
  • Received External Advisory Report, 14 Dec 2015.
  • Amendment sent in Dec 2015.

WP2 - User community

  • YY attend GENIUS-CU9 plenary meeting #2. Also Validation and publication sprinter meeting.
  • Publication of Gaia data from Japanese institute is proposed and I/F documents is provided from XL. YY will contact to NAOJ data center people.
  • RN (Ryoichi Nishi) also attend GENIUS-CU9 plenary, Validation and publication meeting.
  • RN start to edit Japanese page of Gaia wikipedia description.
  • Arkadiusz Hypki (HYP) took part in the 37th Polish Astronomical Society Assembly in Poznan, Poland, 7-10 September 2015. He had a number of conversations with European astronomers about their needs for the Gaia archive and verified the usefulness of the already proposed set of tools for comparing numerical models with the Gaia archive (deliverable T2.3). HYP presented a poster about the GENIUS deliverables.
  • HYP took part in the CU9 plenary meeting in Barcelona, 21-23 September 2015. He verified with other CU9 members the technical feasibility of the proposed advanced requirements specified in the deliverable T2.3
  • HYP started to implement the tools needed for comparing complex models with the Gaia archive. The tools will run within Docker containers on the GAVIP platform and will use Apache Hadoop based solutions (likely Apache Spark) for comparing Milky Way example model with the data obtained from GACS
  • Costigan took part in the GENIUS-CU9 plenary meeting and reported on several topics (see previous trimester report).
  • Costigan continued to prepare for the Beta testing which will kick off at DPAC consortium meeting in November.
  • Costigan will attend DPAC consortium in November in Leiden.
  • Costigan took part in GAVIP preliminary deisgn review telecon (15th of Sept).
  • YY attends mid term review.

WP3 - System design

T3.1 Technical Coordination

  • Hambly, Voutsinas, Morris and Molinaro attended the GENIUS-CU9 plenary meeting #2 in Barcelona. Hambly organised and chaired the System Architecture splinter at this meeting, which was attended also by ESAC-SAT representative Jaun-Carlos Segovia as well as other interested parties from DPAC CU9. Minutes are available on the DPAC CU9 Wiki
  • Hambly prepared the WP3 contribution to the second year report

T3.2 Aspects of archive interface design

  • Work on "error bus" within DQP layers to communicate useful error messages to the end user when something goes wrong

T3.3 VO infrastructure

  • INAF-OATs continued development of VODance
  • Incorporated UCD1+ in the entire Gaia CU9 catalogue publishing data model

T3.4 Data Centre collaboration

  • Teleconference with ESAC-SAT, 25 November, to discuss integration of UI components and DQP (agenda/minutes available here).

T3.5 Data mining environments

  • Continued investigations of Docker containerisation of DQP components

WP4 - Data Exploitation

T4.2 - Visualization

  • Advanced the integration of the visualisation service with GACS.
    Html code for a 2D test client was integrated in the GACS portal. This code was used for technology demonstration of serving visual detail on demand from the archive to a clients displaying visualisations in web browsers. This was shown in the DPAC General Assembly
  • Did the conceptual design of the web based visualisation client, with mock ups of the visualisation panels and user interfaces.
  • Started the system design of the visualisation client. The baseline is a webb application run by a tomcat servlet.
  • Did some refactoring of the Object Server for eliminating performance bottlenecks.
  • Several tests of creating and serving visualisations in a Virtual Machine (VM) provided by ESAC for this purpose.
    The VM has been fine for tests with small data sets (< 100 million sources) but is not capable of dealing with larger sets. ESAC has been informed and will provide a more powerful machine.

T4.3 - Data Mining

T4.4 - VO tools and services

  • Final version of the new VOSA web interface
  • E. Solano: attendance to the Genius-CU9 plenary meeting

WP5 - Validation

T5.1 - Technical coordination

  • Organisation of a plenary validation meeting on Sept. 23
  • Organisation of a full run of all WP software on TGAS_00.01 preliminary data, analysis, and issue of a VTR
  • 2 telecons with all WP managers
  • participation of documentation splinter
  • 2 telecons for the preparation of CU9 rehearsal

T5.2 - Definition of problem cases, validation scenarios and tools

  • Defined 6 new validation tests, including much better coverage of Gaia photometry
  • Updated validation test specification to reflect current state of Gaia project, including substantial changes to Gaia data model
  • Improved validation tests based on lessons learned validating TGAS_00.00 and TGAS_00.01.
  • Prepared validation code for full-sized Gaia data sets.
  • Released StatisticalTools 18.1

T5.3 - Simulation versus reality: from models to observables

T5.4 - Confronting Gaia to external archives

YY presents Nano-JASMINE / Gaia validation.

T5.5 - Data demining: outlier analysis

T5.6 - Transversal tools for special objects

WP6 - Support

T6.2-Simulated Catalogue

T6.3-Science Alerts testbed

WP7 - Dissemination

T7.1 - Coordination of dissemination activities

T7.2 - Community portal infrastructure

After releasing Gaiaverse website and Twitter profile in July, 8th, main activities done are the following:

  • Portal's presentation at the CU9 plenary meeting hosted by the University of Barcelona on September 21-23.
  • Contacts with Greek, Portuguese and Slovenian Gaia members to have Gaiaverse available in these languages.
  • 71 resources, 4 tools, 63 news and 3 blog posts published until November, 30th.
  • Twitter summary for September 2015: tweets (11), tweet impressions (6,360), profile visits (669), mentions (2), new followers (42), total number of followers on September, 30 (117).
  • Twitter summary for October 2015: tweets (8), tweet impressions (6,213), profile visits (948), mentions (4), new followers (53), total number of followers on October, 31 (163).
  • Twitter summary for November 2015: tweets (18), tweet impressions (9,781), profile visits (1,388), mentions (18), new followers (55), total number of followers on November, 30 (218).

T7.3 - Community portal, outreach and academic activities

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