Summary of activities September 2014 - November 2014

WP1 - Management

  • First annual review report

WP2 - User community

  • Hypki started work on Genius WP200 in Leiden on September 1 2014.
  • Costigan and Brown attended the Gaia Science Alerts workshop in Warsaw, where Costigan presented CU9 and her work on user requirements analysis.
  • Costigan and Hypki attended the Gaia Challenge workshop in Heidelberg in order to interface with future Gaia users on the archive requirements.
  • A meeting of the INAF contributors to GENIUS was held at the ASDC on November 4-6 to discuss the roles of the two planned contracts and to share with the whole italian team the respective activities. The schedule for the meeting was: Nov 4: Cross-matching discusion Experience from large catalog matching - Luciano Nicastro; The case study of Gaia matching - Alessandro Spagna ; The procedures being devloped in ASDC - Paola Marese; Nov 5: Interfaces of GENIUS The Trieste VO Dance extension - Marco Molinaro; The IGSL experience - Richard Smart; Validation exercises; Nov 6: Further validation discussions.
  • Yoshiyuki Yamada atend AGIS #21 on 24-26 Nov.
  • Richard Smart travelled to the University of Hertfordshire 2-5/10/2014. In this visit we discussed the various datamining and matching programs used within the IPHAS, VVV and UKIDSS surveys along with possible validation efforts for the first Gaia results with Prof. P. Lucas, H. Jones, the student Leigh Smith and the postdoc Guillem Anglada Escuda. These discussions and procedures have been useful for all the INAF work packages of Genius.

WP3 - System design

WP4 - Data Exploitation


T4.3-Data Mining

T4.4-VO tools and services

WP5 - Validation

T5.1 - Technical coordination

  • WP validation manager telecon (September 18) - Arenou
  • Training day to new T5.4 developer (September 25) - Arenou
  • Validation Software integration at ESAC (October 16-17) - Arenou, Shih
  • Participation to System Engineering Group (October 20) - Arenou
  • Development of a new global framework accounting for gbin reading and/or TAP access (November) - Shih
  • K. Findeisen (T5.2 and transversal help) has joined the project from Nov. 5 on.
  • Gaia quick training day for arrivants (November 5) - Arenou
  • WP validation manager telecon 6 (September) - Arenou
  • Release of D5.1 deliverable: Prototype of internal validation tools, GAIA-CU9-TN-OPM-FA-062 - Arenou
  • WP validation manager telecon 7 (November) - Arenou

T5.2 - Definition of problem cases, validation scenarios and tools

  • After the meeting between WP940 and WP930 at ESAC, Madrid on 16-17 October, it is clear that the GACS will limit TAP's returning result up to 100,000 sources. This is not enough for some of the validation tasks, so that they have to use gbin files for the validations. Furthermore, the Gaia archive gbin file also have to be validated before being transferred from ESAC to external data centres. As a result, we need a mechanism to perform validation with gbin format as well.
  • A framework which can perform validations via TAP or gbin files has been developed- Shih
  • Validators are expected to modify their validation codes to fit into this framework, some guideline will be provided in WP940 wiki page.- Shih
  • SUM will be updated to reflect the change to this framework.- Shih
  • Tests that need to be operational before the TGAS release next year have been marked accordingly. - Findeisen
  • Several VTS have been brought up to date with the code that implemented them. - Findeisen

T5.3 - Simulation versus reality: from models to observables

  • First release of code for WP943 validation tests - Ziaeepour, Robin, Reyle
  • Finalization of comparison and verification of Besancon model against IGSL data - Ziaeepour, Robin, Reyle
  • Update of VTS document; new release end of November- Ziaeepour, Robin, Reyle

T5.4 - Confronting Gaia to external archives

  • Cross-match with small catalogues through GACS in command line has been implemented in VOTAP - Shih
  • This cross-match tool has been successfully tested and integrated within vtd030 - Ruiz-Dern
  • Validation catalogue from APOGEE and GES cross-matched with IGSL provided to CU6 for test of the faint Gaia RVS magnitude limit - Babusiaux

T5.5 - Data demining: outlier analysis

  • At Groningen: Currently polishing Visualization and Exploration tool (, with the aim of using it for identification of clustering and correlations in multi-D datasets. In the next period the aim is to characterize the relevant (information rich/poor) subspaces using GUMS and GOG, specifically with TGAS in mind. In this way we can train ourselves to identify spurious or systematic problems/correlations in the dataset.

T5.6 - Transversal tools for special objects

  • T563: We started the administrative procedure for the selected candidate. The job position is starting from 1st of December 2014. He will be paid partially by GENIUS. (2) The first data on variables that we could see, for example in the image of the week, as well as what was shown by Lukasz Wyrzykowski last week at the Science Alert workshop in Warsaw on the 8-sept. week. are of good enough quality and we can envision to have releases of variable groups early, as mentioned in the release scenario. So the validation should advance quicker.

WP6 - Support

T6.2-Simulated Catalogue

T6.3-Science Alerts testbed

WP7 - Dissemination

T7.1 - Coordination of dissemination activities

T7.2 - Community portal infrastructure

First months after the platform was set up, user's experience during this time period it has been useful to develop user tests and to plan further improvements. Thus, it has been decided to modify the current WordPress template in order to better take advantage of horizontal space, as well as resources' search and visibility will also be enhanced. In so doing, two diffferent meetings (September 9 and October 23) have taken place with the company in charge of the design modification concerning user's demands. The Advance version of the portal is scheduled to be ready by the end of January 2015.

T7.3 - Community portal, outreach and academic activities

September started by looking for a second level of collaborators in the editorial board aiming at broadening the network of collaborators within it. Its objective is to coordinate the content provision and translation into several languages. German and Portuguese teams have been invited to join this network of collaborators.

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