Summary of activities October 2016 - December 2016

WP1 - Management

WP2 - User community

  • Hypki end his GENIUS contract as of 2016-11-30 and moved to a new position in Poland.
  • Brown participated in the GENIUS Gaia-JASMINE meeting in Tokyo Japan, where he presented an overview of the DPAC data processing status.
  • At 19th Oct, Gaia data release from naoj is open. (
  • From 6th to 9th Dec, Yamada organize Gaia-JASMINE joint meeting at Tokyo. About 40 participants attend the meeting. Meeting web page is 8 Gaia person visited to Tokyo, and 5 GENIUS participants' (Mora, Hobbs, Prusti, Loefler, Lammers) travel fee is covered by money of Kyoto University. Also 3 Japanese participants' (Yamada, Hozumi, Nakagawa) travel fee is covered by money of Kyoto University. Other 3 Gaia participants (Luri, Arenou, Brown) visit Tokyo by their own GENIUS money.

WP3 - System design

T3.1 Technical Coordination

  • Hambly took part in the Gaia DPAC CU9 DR2 kick-off meeting to represent WP3 interests (minutes available on the Gaia DPAC Wiki here)

T3.2 Aspects of archive interface design

  • Voutsinas made final adjustments to the ADQL auto-complete library for ESDC development team to integrate into the Gaia archive

T3.3 VO infrastructure

  • IVOA compliance document (D3.3) drafted
  • draft documentation for client-side TAP publishing software from INAF completed

T3.4 Data Centre collaboration

  • Testing documentation drafted and available on DPAC SVN here (part of deliverables D3.4 - D3.6)

T3.5 Data mining environments

  • Morris, Voutsinas and Hambly finalised the Astronomy & Computing paper concerning use of "Docker" for astronomical software
  • GENIUS interface demonstrator redeployed in Docker containers as a proof-of-concept and looking ahead to secure deployment in Data Centres such as ESDC

WP4 - Data Exploitation

T4.2 - Visualization

  • development of 3D scatter plot panel for Archive web visualisation portal
  • Bug identification and fixing
  • Increased software test coverage

T4.3 - Data Mining

T4.4 - VO tools and services

WP5 - Validation

T5.1 - Technical coordination

  • Organisation of the publication of the DR1 validation in an A&A paper
  • Participation to the Tokyo Gaia-JASMINE joint meeting

T5.2 - Definition of problem cases, validation scenarios and tools

T5.3 - Simulation versus reality: from models to observables

T5.4 - Confronting Gaia to external archives

T5.5 - Data demining: outlier analysis

T5.6 - Transversal tools for special objects

WP6 - Support

T6.2-Simulated Catalogue

T6.3-Science Alerts testbed

  • The third testbed, D6.6 Deployment of third public science alerts prototype, was released in Oct 2016. See
  • A range of improvements to the alerts testbed were implemented, especially in the development of the alerts publishing infrastructure. Paper describing this presented at ADASS XXVI (Oct 2016

WP7 - Dissemination

T7.1 - Coordination of dissemination activities

T7.2 - Community portal infrastructure

T7.3 - Community portal, outreach and academic activities

From October-December, Twitter got the following numbers:

  • October: tweets (2), tweet impressions (2,667), profile visits (313), mentions (3), new followers (5), total number of followers in October 2016 (410).
  • November 16: tweets (2), tweet impressions (1,460), profile visits (199), mentions (5), new followers (0), total number of followers in November 2016 (410).
  • December 16: tweets (2), tweet impressions (5,788), profile visits (327), mentions (3), new followers (3), total number of followers in December 2016 (413).
Regarding the Gaiaverse portal (, during the period that goes from October 2016 to December 2016, 1,025 users have initiated more than 1,600 sessions. In total, they have viewed 3,038 pages, which is an average of 1.89 page per session with an average duration of 00:01:27. Bounce rate has been of 61.94% (normally is between 60-65%).

Top five languages are: English (39.95%), Portuguese (15.20%), German (11.88), Spanish (8.35%) and French (3.91%). The reason behind having Portuguese at the 2n position may be explained as a consequence of having added this new language by the end of September 2016.

Traffic on Gaiaverse during this period has been represented as follows:

  • Organic search: 41.42%
  • Direct: 35.76%
  • Referral: 15.17%
  • Social: 7.65%
From the 123 sessions initiated on Gaiaverse through social networks (7.65% of the thraffic), 66.67% came from Twitter, followed by Reddit (26.83%), Stack Exchange (4.07%) and Facebook (2.44%).
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