Summary of activities December 2013 - February 2014

100 - Management

  • Participation in the 1st Gaia Archive Workshop (27-29 November 2013) - Luri
  • Kick-off meeting organized (Barcelona, 4-5 December 2013)- All WP managers (
  • GENIUS TWiki set-up for internal coordination in January 2014; report section opened
  • Meeting at ESAC for the definition of the archive data model with the Science Archives Team (22nd January 2014)- Luri
  • Teleconference for discussion of the Archive Data Model (28th January 2014) - Luri, Brown, Arenou, Hambly
  • Acquisition of a WebEx license for teleconferences (

200 - User community

Report for period October 2013 - Jan 2014

Brown participated in the GENIUS telecons and the kick-off meeting in December 2014 in Barcelona. So far no activities took place within WP200 as the recruitment process is still ongoing. This should be rounded off in the first weeks of February 2014.

Yamada visited the University of Tokyo for discussing Nano-JASMINE / small-JASMINE / Gaia data publication at January 2014, and visited the University of Tokyo for discussing Nano-JASMINE data utilization at February 2014.

300 - System design

Staff involved and effort expended (Full-Time Equivalent):

  • UEDIN: Hambly (0.15) Morris (0.2) Voutsinas (0.2)
  • INAF-OATs: Molinaro (0.5) Smareglia (0.5)

Work done:

  • Organised System Architecture bi-monthly telecon (10th October 2013) which included GENIUS developers
  • Represented GENIUS system design team at CU9 Data Model and Validation teleconferences
  • INAF-OATs team continuing development of VO-Dance for generic TAP functionality
  • UEDIN team continuing development of
    • Distributed Query Processing generic design
    • Working on enhancements to Gaia CU9 Data Modelling UI application to aid in CU9 interface control
    • Set up of "Web2.0" demonstration prototype User Interface for enhanced embedded functionality when using ADQL freeform queries, and as a test interface for DQP

400 - Data Exploitation

  • Recruitment of personnel at UB: F. Julbe hired 1st January 2014. Software engineer dedicated full time to WP400


  • Wrap up and organization of mid and low-level visualization requirements table
  • Production of the Software Requirement Specifications from the upper level requirements
  • First UML design of the software architecture
  • Organization of the first DPAC-CU9 Visualization Infrastructure Workshop in Lisbon (jan/2014)."

430-Data Mining

  • Meeting at Madrid (17 Feb 2014) to define the data mining requirements, use cases and possible architectures (L. Sarro, F. Julbe)
  • Definition of the hardware testbed requirements. Meetings with CESCA for a first set-up
  • Deployment and testing of a virtual cluster at CESCA for Hadoop testing. First small scale tests in Feb. 2014.
  • Request of budgests for a Hadoop course for GENIUS

440-VO tools and services

  • Work on the adaptation of TopCat to the Gaia archive started (M. Taylor)
  • So far no other activities took place within WP440 as the recruitment
    process has not yet started.

500 - Validation

T5.1 - Management

  • Recruitment of personnel at ObsPM: S. Boudreault hired 1st December 2013 - Dedicated full time to WP520
  • Organised 3 telecon meetings with WP managers
  • Interface telecon with ESAC for the H/W+S/W validation requirements
  • Initialization of the Validation Test Specification document (VTS, GAIA-C9-SP-OPM-FA-061)
  • Developing first common tools for TAP and VO access + SUM (GAIA-C9-SUM-OPM-IS-001) (February 2014) - Shih
  • Set up of a local platform with DB and TAP for tests - Shih

T5.2 - Definition of problem cases, validation scenarios and tools

  • Example of catalogue validation use case, to be used as a template. (January - February 2014) - Arenou, Boudreault, Shih
  • Writing validation test designs for VTS (December 2013 - February 2014) - Boudreault
  • Developing first codes for validation test (February 2014) - Boudreault

T5.4 - Comparison to external catlogs

  • Genius INAF DB and Server discussion @ IASF Bologna (Nicastro/Smart)

600 - Support

620-Simulated Catalogue

  • First GOG catalogue generated (January 2014)
  • Paper based on the catalogue statistics sent for publication in A&A (February 2014)

630-Science Alerts testbed

  • Coordination meeting during the PESSTO workshop (Belfast, 5-7 February 2014) - Luri,Walton
  • Videoconference for the definition of the Science Alerts Data Model (24th February 2014)

700 - Dissemination

T7.1 - Coordination of dissemination activities

  • Teleconference for starting discussion on the portal (October 24th) and coordination with ESA and DPAC (October 29th).
  • Meeting at ESTEC facilities to coordinate outreach activities, including portal contents approach (December 10th, A. Brown, S. Jordan, S. Voght, X. Luri, E. Masana, T. Via). Regarding to Genius portal, it was decided to provide a multilingual portal to increase outreach addressed to general public and and an easy-to-use platform to facilitate translation work to collaborators.

T7.2 - Community portal infrastructure

  • Internal evaluation phase to choose the suitable CMS to satisfy the portal needs (December-January).
  • Set up of the platform and first configuration (January-February).

T7.3 - Community portal, outreach and academic activities

  • First technical note including proposals on the Genius portal contents. This technical note has been validated by the outreach coordinators (E. Masana / S. Jordan) (September 10th).
  • Survey on main contents to be highlighted on the website homepage (February, 11th, via
  • Internal evaluation phase to choose the suitable CMS to satisfy the portal needs (December-January).
  • Set up of the platform and first configuration (January-February).
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