Summary of activities April 2016 - June 2016

WP1 - Management

WP2 - User community

  • 31th May - 4th Jun, YY visited to AGIS meeting in Lund. YY and AGIS memeres share Nano-JASMINE situation, and discuss future collaboration of Gaia / JASMINE. YY and M. Biermann discuss on collaboration of small-JASMINE calibration (meeting will be held in Tokyo in Aug.)
  • YY starts organizing of Gaia-JASMINE joint meeting which will be held in Dec 2016 in Tokyo.
  • Costigan worked on the requirements gathering for the long term archiving of the Gaia data products and the processing software. The requirements were obtained from the DPAC CU leaders and turned into notes that will form the basis for deliverables 2.7 and 2.8.
  • Costigan finalized and submitted deliverable D2.6.
  • Further development of BEANS software and Gaia-GACS-plugin for the BEANS to access directly data from Gaia archive (Hypki).

WP3 - System design

T3.1 Technical Coordination

  • Coordinated review of end-user Data Model documentation, including VO UCD1+ content, between DPAC CU9, ESAC and ESAC-SDC
  • Represented WP3 interests at weekly teleconferences between DPAC CU9 and ESAC / E-SDC
T3.2 Aspects of archive interface design

T3.3 VO infrastructure

  • Reviewed Gaia DR1 Archive Core Systems for VO compatibility via
    • Comprehensive review of UCD1+ content specifiers
    • Testing of ADQL interface
    • Provision of example queries

T3.4 Data Centre collaboration

S. Voutsinas and D. Morris attended the IVOA Conference in Stellenbosch (8 to 13 May) to discuss evolution of standards (mainly ADQL, TAP, VOTable), which we use and implement for the GENIUS DQP system, and also for the autocomplete library which uses TAP & TAP_SCHEMA. Outcomes:

  • Decided on ADQL changes, new language features & changes to the wording of the spec.
  • Met with Gregory Mantelet to discuss our contributions (ADQL 2.1 and bugfixes) to his library and which ones could or could not be included:

Had meetings with other data providers and brought up the proposition of introducing JSON as an alternative format for VOTables.

T3.5 Data mining environments

  • Contributed example use case to WP4
  • Attended WP4 telecons to represent WP3 interests
  • Further development of containerised components for DQP
    • Write-up of Docker experiences for A&C continues

WP4 - Data Exploitation

T4.2 - Visualization

T4.3 - Data Mining

T4.4 - VO tools and services

WP5 - Validation

T5.1 - Technical coordination

T5.2 - Definition of problem cases, validation scenarios and tools

  • Updated all validation tests to conform to and verify final Gaia-DR1 requirements.
  • Created validation database for recording and managing validation test results and added full support to all test cases.
  • Implemented 5 new validation tests.
  • adaptation to new DM + Pixel analysis (i.e. analysis of sky regions)
  • redefinition of thresholds for the tests which have too much problems (e.g. GoF is always much too large)
  • detection of duplicate sources

T5.3 - Simulation versus reality: from models to observables

  • Scripts for plots and tables + problems with color tests
  • for the DR1 comparison, new GOG simulations needed: received but not yet started

T5.4 - Confronting Gaia to external archives

  • VTR updated and more tests included
  • QSO activities: 60-004: QSO test corrected and improved: completed
  • 70-001: consistency of fit properties for non-single stars test added and operational
  • 10-005: completeness as a function of star separation using WDS: operational
  • 30-001: Pastel compilation distant stars added, biases as a function of color observed...
  • 30-002: pm2000 added but failing on Hipparcos, discarded
  • VTS on galaxies

T5.5 - Data demining: outlier analysis

  • Differences found with simulations unclear
  • Envisioning data to data comparisons (from different fields)
  • Activity for TGAS: tests have been done to compare the TGAS_01.00 parallaxes to TGAS
  • This has shown that there are systematic problems in ecliptic longitude, consistent with what has been found for QSOs

T5.6 - Transversal tools for special objects

  • Variable stars: migration of R code to python + some technical problems remaining + ask about variability tables
  • Clusters: re-doing by hand the membership analysis + update of VTR + issues for completeness analysis + improvement on cluster selection + second reference catalogue added + implemented photometric test for completeness

WP6 - Support

T6.2-Simulated Catalogue

T6.3-Science Alerts testbed

WP7 - Dissemination

T7.1 - Coordination of dissemination activities

No coordination activities have taken place during this period.

T7.2 - Community portal infrastructure

There have been several functionality changes inside the homepage information box to allow each element to:

  • have its own link (enabling the possibility to open it in a new tab if necessary) and text.
  • in case of not having a link, the text appears now as "normal text".
  • major flexibility has been introduced.
Also, we've been working on minor modifications such as the bulleted paragraph style adjustment and general style arrangements. Finally, as some setbacks occurred after having introduced new changes, the color of links have been fixed following the corporate image.

T7.3 - Community portal, outreach and academic activities

During the period that goes from April 2016 – June 2016, Gaiaverse got 1,002 sessions by more than 680 users (34.2% were returning visitors, whereas 65.8% were new visitors). They have visited more than 2,400 pages, which is an average of 2.46 pages per session. Globally, its bounce rate has been of 71.16%, meaning that a large percentage of users were engaged with the website’s contents without leaving it too early.

Concerning the 10 most visited pages, the “homepage” ranks at first position, followed by the tools section and the one dedicated to the First Gaia Data Release, allocating several information related to the first Gaia catalogue to be published on September 14th.

When talking about “landing pages”, a concept that refers to any page a user arrives at after clicking a hyperlink, being the first page a visitor views during a session (entrance page), once again the “homepage” is the most visited page. The blog post on Gaia-GOSA also appears on the list (4th), as well as the news about the video “Gaia Teamwork for a billion stars”, which ranks at 10th position.

Most sessions to Gaiaverse are coming from Spain (21.56%), followed by United Kingdom (13.27%) and the United States (10.58%). That’s why users normally go to the English or the Spanish versions of the website.

Traffic is divided as follows:

  • Referral (from an outside source): 30.04%
  • Direct (typing the URL on your own browser): 29.74%
  • Organic search (for example, through Google): 20.76%
  • Social: 19.46%
Of this 19.46% coming from social traffic, 82.05% comes from Twitter and 17.95% from Facebook, both contributing to increase sessions on Gaiaverse.

Although the Gaiaverse Twitter account arrived to more than 300 followers during this period, its activity declined in comparison to the period between Dec. 2015 - March 2016. See the evolution below:

  • April 16: tweets (10), tweet impressions (15,300), profile visits (5333), mentions (3), new followers (15), total number of followers in April 2016 (327).
  • May 16: tweets (4), tweet impressions (13,700), profile visits (493), mentions (3), new followers (14), total number of followers in May 2016 (341).
  • June 16: tweets (8), tweet impressions (4,741), profile visits (350), mentions (2), new followers (7), total number of followers in March 2016 (348).
This is, in part, due to de decrease in publishing news and blog entries.
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