GENIUS Kick Off Meeting, Barcelona 4 - 5 December 2013

The workshop will be held in Barcelona on 4-5 December 2013. The meeting will be in the Seminar room of the Department of Astronomy, in the 7th floor of the Faculty of Physics at the University of Barcelona.


Local information

Information on travel to the Department of Astronomy in Barcelona and accommodation can be found at this page.

Teleconference connections

Connection through Webex will be provided. Use the following link to join the meeting:

A test session will be held before the meeting.

4th December

9h30 - 11h

11:00 - 11:30 COFFE BREAK

11:30 - 13:00

  • Short introduction of partners (All, 1.5hours) Please present here your team and your institute organizational issues related to GENIUS
    • UB: (Xavier Luri)
    • Leiden: (Anthony Brown)
    • Frederic Arenou (see WP presentation)
    • Nigel Hambly (see WP presentation)
    • INAF (Ricky Smart)
    • [[][Geneve] (Laurent Eyer)
    • CSIC: (Enrique Solano)
    • FFCUL (Andre Moitinho)
    • Bristol (Mark Taylor)
    • CESCA (Alfred Gil):
    • KU (Yoshiyuki Yamada)
    • Dimitri Pourbaix


14h30 - 18h

16:15- 16:45 COFFE BREAK


5th December

9h30 - 12h30

  • The GENIUS TWiki (D. Molina)
  • Joint discussion of GENIUS set up and detailed planning for the first year
10:30- 11:00 COFFE BREAK
  • Joint discussion of GENIUS set up and detailed planning for the first year (ctd).


  • Frédéric Arenou (OPM)
  • Daniel Hestroffer (OPM/IMCCE)
  • Lola Balaguer (UB)
  • Nuria Benitez (FBG - UB) only Wednesday
  • Traian Branza (EC, Project Officer) only Wednesday
  • Anthony Brown (ULEIDEN) - Late arrival
  • Laurent Eyer (UNIGE) - videocon
  • Alfred Gil (CESCA) only Wednesday
  • Gonzalo Gracia (ESAC)
  • Nigel Hambly (UEDIN)
  • Francesc Julbe (UB)
  • Xavier Luri (UB)
  • Eduard Masana (UB)
  • André Moitinho de Almeida (FFCUL) - videocon
  • Ricky Smart (INAF, only Wed. leaving at 16h)
  • Enrique Solano (CAB)
  • Dimitri Pourbaix (ULB) - videocon
  • Mark Taylor (UBR)
  • Jordi Torra (UB)
  • Teresa Via (CESCA) only Thursday 5th
  • Nami Mowlavi- videocon
  • Yoshiyuki Yamada (UKyoto) - videocon
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