GENIUS - CU9 Coordinated Monthly Telecon #3

T3 Friday January 2015

Time 12:00 CET (GMT+01:00)


Review of actions from previous telecons

Pending actions were not reviewed in previous telecon. All included here for completeness

  • T1-1 Action for FvL: report back on WP920 resources ASAP: Discussed in previous telecon

This action is CLOSED: XL confirmed GENIUS funding for one person is available at the UB for WP920 in 2015. FVL: Funding situation at Cambridge will also be clarified in the coming 2w, funding for WP920 should be clear in this time. This action is now closed. T3-1 By the end of January there will be a WP920 KO meeting in Barcelona to distribute the WP920 work among the participants in the WP

  • T1-2 Action for FA: report back details from AGIS meeting, specially on constraints/requirements for CU9 (FA,CF): DONE in the last telecon
  • T1-3 Action for FA: review the ArchiveSource fields in DM and make proposal for more clear names; open a Mantis for the proposed changes and fix them through the dictionary tool: DONE: see
  • T1-4 Action for SJ: request from GST/DPACE to WP960 to be more proactive in identifying relevant activities in the rest of CUs and issuing news from them: Action CLOSED SJ will contact CU-L and T3-2 he will report the progress made in the next monthly telecon
  • T1-5 Action for TV: ask for volunteers to translate the GENIUS portal pages to different languages; send message to CU9 mail list (linked to action PM1-5). Action PENDING, XL will ask TV to send an e-mail to CU9.
  • T1-6 Action GG & JH: agree ICD for science alerts with Cambridge. IN PROGRESS: CU5 science alerts DM is now in the MDB DM and replicated in the CU9 DM. Still need to discuss with DPCI when (in which DRC) this data will be delivered to the MDB. This has to be discussed with FdA to be sure DPCI will transfer these data. Action is left OPEN to ensure this is followed up.

FVL explained that coordinates provided by science alerts are very provisional, he asked if they will they be replaced by more accurate coordinates when published. JH replied that this is to be discussed, however it would be good to keep track in the archive of the science alerts as they were published. To update the coordinates SourceId has to be tracked, this can be done despite of the re-cross-match.

  • T2-1 GG to write a tech note with the CU9 roadmap to cover the possibility of a TGAS release

DONE distributed on 15/12. Content to be discussed later in this telecon

  • T2-2 JH/XL to write a tech note with the details of the data ingestion for TGAS, including selection criteria for MDB sources (to be approved by GST/DPACE): IN PROGRESS JH will write an initial draft and iterate with XL next week.
  • T2-3 JS to confirm status of HW at ESAC for TGAS: IN PROGRESS JS explained they are still iterating with CSG to get a redundant DB machine. That would be the optimal solution to have a development and operations machine separately. For a small releases like TGAS the current machine could be used even if no new machine is provided. Action is left OPEN until the final decision is taken.
  • T2-4 PM will prepare a proposal for XM in TGAS TN before the end of the year (which catalogues, how to do it). XM could use proper motion as TGAS results will include them. DONE PM has updated GGA-038 including a proposal for the XM approach in the TGAS release.

PM asked if XM will be required for validation, even if we decide not to not to publish the results in the archive. FA will think if XM with other external catalogues may be useful for them.

PM also asked if CU3 plans to use other catalogues to validate AGIs results in CU3 (for instance to validate proper motions). T3-3 PM and JH will discuss if XM with external catalogues may be used for AGIS validation.

PM explained that validating the XM with the TGAS solution may be tricky, as the TGAS solution contains a very limited number of stars. XM results may be published a bit later (around 1m later) to have enough time to validate them.

Roadmap for TGAS publication

  • GGA presented the draft roadmap

This document should be seen as the CU9 commitment (and plan) of what CU9 plans to do for a possible TGAS release. All WP-L and section responsible will update their sections before the end of next week First draft will be presented at the DPACE telecon on 20/01 asking for comments from the rest of DPACE.

AB asked about the CatalogueSource field astrometricDecomposedN. In the way this is included in the DM it will not be very useful for the end-users. GT provides some tools to get the covariance matrix from this normal matrix. This may be done already before including the data in the published table. T3-4 FA will discuss with CU3 the best way to publish the astrometric solution convariance matrix in the most useful way for the final users

XL asked if there will be some visualization available for TGAS. AM replied that a light version of the visualization can be ready for TGAS this should be coordinated with WP960 for outreach. AM will add a visualization section to GGA-038 after discussing it with SJ

  • DM will be frozen before the end of the month. Once the DT is released including the required changes for CU9 (publishable flag...) a patch will be released. FA confirmed the photometry object type used in catalogue source will be removed. Field names were updated before XMas to make them more comprehensible for users external to DPAC.

News from WPs

  • WP930: NCH discuss with AH to get a DT release, including the new features for CU9, ASAP.
  • WP940: Preliminary list of tests cases for TGAS provided in GGA-038.
  • WP950: GACS release was done before XMas and is available in the development environment. Integration of WP940 and WP980 in progress.
  • WP970: XM for TGAS should be done in any case. Even if we decide not to publish it it is a valuable exercise.


  • FVL mentioned that the error correlations in the TGAS solution should be looked at very carefully before publishing the results.
  • FVL also explained that all Tycho2 is already crossed matched at CDS, he does not see any need to re-do the XM with the new TGAS results. To be discussed
  • SJ asked what should be the reply if he is asked about a possible TGAS publication. AB replied that the for the moment TGAS is an internal exercise in DPAC, no plan for publications should be announced
  • DPAC consortium meeting, Leiden Nov 2015: list of CU9 participants (feedback to AB by January 15). WP-L will propose those who may be useful to attend this meeting.
  • XL waiting for input from other CU-L on the criteria for source extraction from MDB. No feedback has been received. An draft document will be created by JH and XL and distributed to DPACE asking for comments

Next telecon

-> 06/02 12:00

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