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TWiki Release 4.1.2 (Edinburgh), 2007-03-03

Note: This is the release note for the previous major release version 4.1.X. This note and the TWikiReleaseNotes04x00 are included with 4.2.X because they contain valuable information for people upgrading from earlier versions. Both for the admin and the users. See TWikiReleaseNotes04x02 for the 4.2.X release notes


TWiki Release 4.1.0 is a minor release. TWiki releases are either major (major new features and changes in architecture), minor (enhancements and bug fixes), or patch releases (bug fixes only) which can be installed as upgrades on production installations.

TWiki Release 4.1.0 introduces some good enhancements and quite many bug fixes since 4.0.5. It requires some manual work to upgrade from TWiki 4.0.5 to 4.1.0. Depending on the tailoring you have made it may take between 10 minutes to two hours to do an upgrade. If you have not made any changes to the skins the upgrade is for sure an effort that takes less than 30 minutes.

The development team has done everything to maintain full compatibility with topics generated in TWiki-4.0 and there are no changes to the topic format.

TWiki 4.1.1 addresses a series of bugs found in the first 4 weeks after the release of TWiki 4.1.0.

New Features Highlights

  • Easier Installation and Upgrade
    • Plugins can now be installed from the configure script.
    • The loading of plugin preferences settings has been moved earlier in the preferences evaluation order so that plugin settings can be redefined in Main.TWikiPreferences, WebPreferences and in topics. To make TWiki upgrades easier, it is recommended to set the plugin settings in Main.TWikiPreferences, and not to customize the settings in the plugin topic. For example, to change the TEMPLATES setting of the CommentPlugin, create a new COMMENTPLUGIN_TEMPLATES setting in Main.TWikiPreferences.
    • Plugin settings can now be defined in configure instead of in the plugin topic (requires that the individual plugin has implemented this). TWiki performs slightly better by not looking for preferences settings in plugin topics.
    • Configure no longer shows many unnecessary errors when run first time.
    • The webmaster email address is now defined in configure instead of TWikiPreferences.
    • Default file access rights in the distribution package have been changed to be more universally defined and in line with the default access rights for new topics.

  • Usability Enhancements
    • Redesigned result page when typing incomplete topic name into the Jump box, so that it is possible to quickly navigate to a topic, also in a very large TWiki installation. For example, "I know there is a topic about Ajax somewhere in the Eng web. OK, let my type Eng.ajax into the Jump box... Here we go, the third link is the AjaxCookbook I was looking for."
    • Many user documentation improvements.
    • URL parameters maintained in Table of Contents links so you can stay in a temporary skin (e.g. print) and keep URLPARAM values when you click the TOC links
    • Attachment tables now sorted alphabetically.
    • Better printing of tables and verbatim text in PatternSkin.

  • Application Platform Enhancements
    • Auto-incremented topic name on save with AUTOINC<n> in topic name; used by TWiki applications to create topic based database records.
    • The edit and save scripts support a redirectto parameter to redirect to a topic or a URL; for security, redirect to URL needs to be enabled with a {AllowRedirectUrl} configure flag.
    • CommentPlugin supports the redirectto parameter to redirect to a URL or link to TWiki topic after submitting comment.
    • The topic URL parameter also respects the {AllowRedirectUrl} configure flag so redirects to URLs can be disabled which could be abused for phishing attacks.
    • The view script supports a section URL parameter to view just a named section within a topic. Useful for simple AJAX type applications.
    • New plugin handler for content move.
    • Enhancements for Ajax based applications with TWiki:Plugins/YahooUserInterfaceContrib and TWiki:Plugins.TWikiAjaxContrib (available at twiki.org).

  • Search Enhancements
    • METASEARCH handles a format parameter like SEARCH.
    • Topic not found / WebTopicViewTemplate search now case insensitive.
    • FormattedSearch header supporting $nop, $quot, $percnt, $dollar.
    • Add search by createdate option to SEARCH.
    • New newline option for SEARCH to protect e.g. formfields from being altered during rendering in SEARCH.

  • Skins and Templates Enhancements
    • Support for templates to have text rendering affecting aspect outside of textarea.
    • Pattern skin dependence on TwistyPlugin instead of TwistyContrib (performance improvement.)
    • Don't strip newlines from the front of TMPL:DEFs.

  • Miscellaneous Feature Enhancements
    • Change in WikiWord definition: Numbers are treated as lower case letters, e.g. Y2K is now a WikiWord.
    • Configurable template load path. Advanced feature for those that work with customized templates.
    • Added %VBAR% to TWikiPreferences for vertical bar symbol.
    • On topic creation, force initial letter of topic name to be upper case.
    • Allow date format in form fields.
    • Enhance REVINFO{} variable with same date qualifiers as GMTIME{}.
    • WebTopicCreator - adding ability to select a template from any topic name ending in ...Template
    • Functionality of TWiki:Plugins.DateFieldPlugin merged into core

  • Enhancements of Pre-installed Plugins
    • CommentPlugin: Supports removal of comment prompt after a comment is made.
    • EditTablePlugin: Default date format based on JSCalendarContrib instead of plugin topic.
    • InterwikiPlugin: Supports custom link formats.
    • SlideShowPlugin: Preserves URL parameters in slideshow
    • SpreadSheetPlugin: New functions $LISTRAND(), $LISTSHUFFLE(), $LISTTRUNCATE().
    • TablePlugin: New attribute cellborder.
    • TablePlugin: Highlight the sorted column with custom colors; includes also a general cosmetic update of default colors.
    • TablePlugin: Support for initsort on more than one table. A table with the initsort option is initsorted UNLESS it is sorted by clicking on a column header. If you click on a header of another table all other tables goes back to the default sort defined by initsort or not sorted if no initsort, and the new table is sorted based on the user clicking on a table header.

Supported User Interface Languages

The user interface of this TWiki version is localized to 14 languages:

English (default), Chinese simplified (zh-cn), Chinese traditional (zh-tw), Czechoslovakian (cs), Danish (da), Dutch (nl), German (de), French (fr), Italian (it), Polish (pl), Portuguese (pt), Russian (ru), Slovakian (sv), Spanish (es).

Note: TWiki needs to be configured properly to display user interface languages other than the default English language. Details in TWiki:TWiki.InstallationWithI18N and TWiki:TWiki.InternationalizationSupplement.

Important Changes since 4.0.5

Supported Perl version

TWiki 4.0.5 worked on Perl version 5.6.X. Reports from users has shown that unfortunately TWiki 4.1.0 does not support Perl versions older then 5.8.0. It is the goal that TWiki should work on at least Perl version 5.6.X but none of the developers have had access to Perl installations older than 5.8.0.

Since TWiki 4.1.0 has some urgent bugs the development team decided to release TWiki 4.1.1 without resolving the issue with Perl 5.6.X. We will however address this and try and resolve it for a planned 4.1.2 release. The TWiki community is very interested in contributions from users that have fixes for the code which will enable TWiki to run on older versions of Perl.

See the WhatVersionsOfPerlAreSupported topic to keep up to date with the discussion how to get back support for earlier Perl versions.

Template spec changed

Until TWiki 4.0.5 TWikiTemplates the text inside template definition blocks (anything between %TMPL:DEF{"block"}% and %TMPL:END% was stripped of leading and trailing white space incl new lines.

This caused a lot of problems for skin developers when you wanted a newline before or after the block text.

From TWiki 4.1.0 this has changed so that white space is no longer stripped. Skins like PatternSkin and NatSkin have been updated so that they work with the new behavior. But if you use an older skin or have written your own you will most likely need to make some adjustments.

It is not difficult. The general rule is - if you get mysterious blank lines in your skin, the newline after the %TMPL:DEF{"block"}% needs to be removed. Ie. the content of the block must follow on the same line as the TMPL:DEF.

The spec change have the same impact on CommentPlugin templates where you may have to remove the first line break after the TMPL:DEF. See the CommentPluginTemplate for examples of how comment template definitions should look like in TWiki-4.1.X

An example: A CommentPlugin template that adds a comment as appending a row to a table. Before the spec change this would work.

|%URLPARAM{"comment"}%| -- %WIKIUSERNAME% - %DATE% |

From Twiki 4.1.0 the old template definition will add an empty line before the new table row. To fix it simply remove the new line before the table.

%TMPL:DEF{OUTPUT:tabletest}%%POS:BEFORE%|%URLPARAM{"comment"}%| -- %WIKIUSERNAME% - %DATE% |

The advantage of the spec change is that now you can add leading and trailing white space including new lines. This was not possible before.

Important Changes since 4.1.0

An upgrader should note the following important changes.

  • The directory for passthrough files and session files have been replaced by a common directory for temporary files used by TWiki. Previously the two configure settings {PassthroughDir} and {Sessions}{Dir} were by default set to /tmp. These config settings have been replaced by {TempfileDir} with the default setting value /tmp/twiki. If the twiki directory does not exist twiki will create it first time it needs it. It is highly recommended no longer to use the tmp directory common to other web applications and the new default will work fine for most. You may want to delete all the old session files in /tmp after the upgrade to 4.1.1. They all start with cgisess_. It is additionally highly recommended to limit write access to the {TempfileDir} for security reasons if you have non-admin users with login access to the webserver just like you would do with the other webserver directories.
  • Many bugs fixed. If you had to implement work arounds to make things work chances are that they are fixed now. See the detailed bugfix list below.

Important Changes since 4.1.1

TWiki works again on Perl 5.6.X

TWiki has now been tested and a few small code changes made so that TWiki now runs on Perl 5.6.X

TWiki 4.1.2 has been confirmed working on the combination RedHat 7.3, Apache 1.3.23, Perl 5.6.1. Note that many plugins requires Perl 5.8 or at least additional CPAN libraries.

An upgrader should note the following important changes.

  • The twisty that used to hide the attachment table has been removed because the Javascript code triggers a bug in Internet Explorer when a topic is long making page rendering take up to 1 minute. The twisty may return in later versions of TWiki when the bug has been resolved.
  • Users of mod_perl should notice a new experimental feature that speeds up searching by a large factor. The feature is described in the NativeSearch topic at the TWiki website. In configure look for the {RCS}{SearchAlgorithm} setting. Normal mode is Forking. The new mode for mod_perl is Native and is a C program which needs to be compiled with a C-compiler like gcc, and this new mode works faster than forking on mod_perl. If you do not run mod_perl stick to the default Forking.
  • /tmp/twiki directory which was introduced with 4.1.1 is now auto created also with older versions of the CGI::Session library. This is important for distributions that cleans out /tmp when rebooting.
  • Configure has gotten much better at installing extensions such as plugins.
  • Configure is now more friendly to a new administator. Configure now only shows the important "General Path Settings" until you have saved and created the LocalSite.cfg file. This prevents a number of false errors from being wrongly fixed by a first time installer.
  • The documented bahavior of "* Set ALLOWTOPICCHANGE = (nothing)" does not match the code. Documentation has been updated to match actual behavior in 4.1.2. See also deprecation notice below. You should review your use of access rights settings in topics.

Deprecation Notices

  • Usage of TWikiForms for setting preferences has been deprecated in favor of TWiki:Plugins.PreferencesPlugin. PreferencesPlugin has been included since TWiki 4.0.0 to allow more convenient editing of preferences. This plugin provides input controls, such as menus, radio buttons, and checkboxes to select preference settings.
  • From TWiki 4.0.0 the syntax "* Set DENYTOPICVIEW = " (nothing) in a topic means deny noone. Even if ALLOWTOPICVIEW is set to people or group setting DENYTOPICCHANGE to nothing means allow anyone. You have to remove the DENYTOPICVIEW or comment it out to have the ALLOWTOPICVIEW working. The reason for this behavior is that it enables limiting access to an entire web by setting a blank DENYTOPICVIEW setting. Same rule applies for DENYTOPICCHANGE and DENYTOPICRENAME. The rule does not apply for access rights defined for webs. Ie. "*Set DENYWEBCHANGE = " does not allow anyone to edit topics in the web. There has been strong oppinions against the syntax "* Set DENYTOPICXXXX = " meaning giving all access. So please be warned that we will change the syntax to a more transparent and logical syntax in future but we will ensure that it is still possible to secure a web and open up individual topics in future also.

Bug Fix Highlights

  • User Topics
    • Unused settings on users home topic removed. (no need to update existing user topics - they are still compatible with all features.)
    • An attribute column has been added to the UserForm used on users home topic. If you tailored this form just continue using your existing form.

  • Security
    • The topic="" parameter to the view script now respects the {AllowRedirectUrl} configure flag so you can disable redirecting to URLs which could be abused for phishing attacks.
    • More robust authentication denial when redirected after failed authentication (follow up from TWiki:Codev.SecurityAlert-CVE-2006-6071.)
    • More robust TablePlugin, guarding against a sort with very high non-existing column numbers, which may result in a high server load.

  • User Interface
    • Left Bar should not show logout when using ApacheLogin because you cannot in reality log out.
    • Can't de-select all options in a checkbox.
    • Duplicate values in checkbox and select when creating a new topic.
    • Form initialization with defaults not working.
    • Multiselect for forms does not work.
    • Size of attachment should only be shown for the most recent version.
    • JSCalendarContrib only works with IE in PatternSkin.

  • API, Skins and Templates
    • The print view handled is updated to allow custom templates that can be printed. Note that the viewprint template is subject to additional changes in next releases.
    • The Kupu WYSIWYG editor has been split out of WysiwygPlugin into KupuContrib to allow other editors to be integrated with TWiki.

  • Printing
    • Verbatim Text not completly printing with IE6.0.
    • Printable loses URL parameters.
    • Printing in Firefox truncates tables.

  • Miscellaneous Bug Fixes
    • Don't include anything when trying to include a non existing section.
    • Turn off {AutoAttachPubFiles} in default distribution.
    • The edit url parameters are not properly passed through change form screen and checkpoint save.
    • Formfield not correctly rendered when type is textarea.
    • IF cannot check for existence of INCLUDE parameter.
    • Firefox downloads attachments as the topic name and not the real file name.
    • Edit and FormattedSearch expands $nop, $quot, $percnt, $dollar in $formfield()
    • Scripts hang in TWiki::UI:run at drain STDIN logic (this is now configurable - whether you need it depends on OS and webserver.)
    • Non-graceful error handling on mail issue during registration.
    • Include of external doc set wrong url in relative links.
    • In INCLUDE, warn parameter does not work when including a URL.
    • WEBMANAGE permission no longer required (removed.)
    • Context not authenticated despite Apache Require valid-user Login.
    • INCLUDE of URL on subdomain returns wrong pages.
    • Combined hidden and mandatory form fields were not hidden in 4.1.0 and 4.1.1.

The full list of bug fixes can be seen below

TWiki 4.1.0 Minor Release - Details

The 4.1.0 release was built from SVN http://svn.twiki.org/svn/twiki/tags/TWikiRelease04x01x00 revision 12567.

TWiki 4.1.0 Fixes

Item3442 PatternSkin: Make file upload input field larger
Item3430 Email addresses not always padded and encoded.
Item3422 Bulk registation data fails validation
Item3418 Make it more obvious how to enable ASSERTS
Item3416 Bad pod =end causes TWiki::Compatibility to fail hard
Item3415 mailnotify does not send notifications to intranet users
Item3412 Default and classic skins have oops template errors
Item3409 Do not refer to non-default plugins in the documentation
Item3408 Sidebar weblist needs wordwrap turned off
Item3407 Usability: Remove PLEASENOSPAM spam padding in registration confirmation screen
Item3405 Minor stylistic improvement in TWiki.TWikiTemplates
Item3402 Form select/checkbox/radio values containing "Name" not displayed
Item3401 Base tag refers to topic view, irrespective of what the current base url actually is
Item3399 Template system recursion prevention too agressive, prevents skin specialisation, or mixins
Item3397 Enhance documentation of impact of including text on plugin handlers
Item3395 Typo in TWiki.TWikiEditingShorthand
Item3394 Remove UpgradeTwiki script, or put prominent warning on issues
Item3392 TipsContrib: Performance improvement
Item3384 Search with zeroresults="on" does not search all webs
Item3383 Quotes in FormattedSearch not escaped
Item3381 For admins, a SEARCH all webs does not ignore the NOSEARCHALL flag
Item3378 Default templates cause invalid HTML
Item3364 Force-update of Main web statistics updates all webs
Item3359 Adding .ico to mime.types file
Item3357 Remove obsolete user settings from TWiki.NewUserTemplate
Item3356 Incorrect color sequence in list of similar topics
Item3353 PatternSkin: updating attachment properties produces an "undefined value in split" warning in TWiki::mapToIconFileName
Item3320 UserForm does not have Attribute column
Item3318 SpreadSheetPlugin: Remove spurious newline appended to result
Item3315 Security: Make topic="" parameter aware of {AllowRedirectUrl} configure flag
Item3312 Attachment table cannot be overridden in view template
Item3310 Support web.topics in redirectto parameter
Item3309 CommentPlugin: Crash when invoked with an empty comment_index when used with TemplateLogin
Item3308 CommentPlugin: Updating with redirectto using web.topic instead of URL
Item3307 Make display of current TWiki version in configure more prominent
Item3304 EditTablePlugin doc fixes for 4.1
Item3302 PatternSkin: Search result count "Number of topics:" only shows results from last listed web
Item3300 CommentPlugin: Resolve uninitialized values
Item3296 TWikiTip013 has reference to outdated user preferences variables
Item3293 PatternSkin: Double space in pattern breadcrumb
Item3290 The topic creator in Sandbox.WebHome allows to "create" existing topics
Item3280 File permissions should be more universally applicable.
Item3278 WebTopicCreator missing in Main web
Item3275 More robust authentication denial when redirected after failed authentication
Item3274 PatternSkin: Left Bar should not show logout when using ApacheLogin
Item3272 Template view.*.classic.tmpl not used
Item3269 PatternSkin: Formtable headers not clickable
Item3268 TablePlugin: Sorting non-existing column numbers causes major problems
Item3266 Configure installer should be aware of proxy settings
Item3264 PatternSkin: Fixes to view topic action links
Item3263 PatternSkin: oopsleaseconflict.pattern.tmpl out of sync with oopsleaseconflict.tmpl
Item3261 Literal search on all webs does not work
Item3260 PatternSkin: Javascript bug with quote in translation text
Item3259 Logging of saving a topic within the same revision timeout is confusing
Item3258 Add note to TWiki.TWikiSkins that the viewprint template is subject to change in next release
Item3240 Documentation change from "statii" to "statuses"
Item3237 WebTopicCreator Javascript bugs
Item3224 Split Kupu editor out of WysiwygPlugin
Item3214 space in WikiName in UnprocessedRegistrations results in bad .htpasswd entry
Item3210 mp4 filetype erroneously linked to sound ICON
Item3207 SEARCH on META:TOPICPARENT not documented
Item3201 Remove exclamation mark from welcoming "Hello XXX!"
Item3200 TablePlugin: Support for initsort of multiple tables in same topic
Item3199 TipsContrib: Maintenance for TWiki 4.1
Item3193 TablePlugin: Table colors shifted by one
Item3192 Document limitations on registered tags
Item3187 Document how to get plugin settings into and from configure
Item3167 TWiki.TWikiSkins documentation and templates don't match with respect to printing
Item3165 PatternSkin: Using incorrect template names in include
Item3163 I18N: Strip uploaded filenames for 8-bit characters (Allow only US-ASCII)
Item3161 Usability: Attachment table default sort order
Item3158 Don't include anything when trying to include a non existing section
Item3153 INSTALL.html need to document new configure features
Item3146 Turn off {AutoAttachPubFiles} in default distribution
Item3145 Rename topic does not find links for a word in all caps
Item3143 MailerContrib: Syntax error in mailnotify template
Item3142 Documentation in code for TWiki::Func::getScriptUrl incorrect
Item3140 Cannot turn on or off plugins on a per-web basis
Item3130 edit url parameters not properly passed through change form screen and checkpoint
Item3129 Documentation of pattern parameter to %INCLUDE% incomprehensible
Item3123 New litteral option for %INCLUDE% (was: including external web page creates unwanted list items)
Item3122 RcsLite error when saving revision from text
Item3119 Remove edit.iejs.tmpl
Item3093 Spurious ?-xism: in LocalSite.cfg
Item3091 Attachment changes create bad log entries
Item3089 Statistics creates lots of "bad log line... " errors
Item3075 Document deprecation of settings in forms
Item3073 Document local settings in TWiki.TWikiAccessControl
Item3072 Time::parseInterval passes local TZ to Time::parseTime, which expects GMT
Item3071 Typo in Time::parseInterval affects creation of "$now"
Item3070 Formfield not correctly rendered when type is textarea
Item3066 Missing parameter in TWiki::Func::redirectCgiQuery
Item3063 External square bracket type links break if there's another anchor in the link text
Item3062 Css based solution to prevent links to oneself
Item3061 duplicate values in checkbox and select when creating a new topic
Item3060 oopsleaseconflict does not work right
Item3059 tick_twiki.pl script does not correctly remove leases
Item3054 PatternSkin: Make attachment template more flexible
Item3053 ChangePassword mistakenly says you need to close the browser
Item3052 ResetPassword and ChangePassword should pass login name
Item3049 form elements not fully classified
Item3046 Merge DateFieldPlugin functionality into TWiki core
Item3042 Improvements to visual design for configure
Item3040 cookie prefs are web-specific
Item3039 Better printing of tables and verbatim text in PatternSkin
Item3036 TablePlugin does not render code text when datacolor is defined
Item3033 TablePlugin does not add the CSS class "twikiFirstCol" when the table is sorted on the first col
Item3027 ClassicSkin: Attachment tables in classic skin broken
Item3026 Improve error handling in login screen
Item3023 Configure shows unnecessary errors when run first time
Item3018 PatternSkin: Improvements of table cosmetics
Item3014 Unified colors and buttons
Item3013 Uniform style for blockquotes
Item3008 Need clear documentation of the impact of spaces in form definitions
Item2998 can't create a topic of the same name as an already existing subweb
Item2985 SEARCH summary eats escaped [[...]] links
Item2981 Sandbox aggressively filters all but single-character strings
Item2979 PatternSkin: Verbatim Text not completly printing with IE6.0
Item2967 %SEARCH does not work with + in topic="" parameter
Item2965 Performance: Eliminate $&, $`, and $' from TWiki sources
Item2963 UTF-8 conversion fails with IE when both webname and topicname contains international characters
Item2958 TWikiUpgradeGuide is missing configure instructions
Item2957 RcsLite deep recursion on subroutine errors
Item2951 MailerContrib: Doc Updates
Item2948 Nested anchor tag in TOC with Interwiki link
Item2947 EDIT_TEMPLATE topic preference can't be overriden using url params
Item2938 TwistyPlugin needs to be enabled per default (PatternSkin dependency)
Item2930 PatternSkin: Printing in Firefox truncates tables
Item2926 TWikiUpgradeGuide documentation fix for rcs parameters
Item2923 includeWarnings broken
Item2922 missleading topic_not_found warning
Item2918 Default text colors for user black backgrounds fixed
Item2917 Main/UserList error in Organization
Item2905 Form initialization with defaults not working.
Item2900 Refactor TWiki::UI::Edit::edit
Item2896 More flexible Form creator
Item2890 TwistyPlugin and TwistyContrib: Merge enhancements from DEVELOP to TWIKI4
Item2886 twiki cgi: the name of the config option 'Schedule' is a bit off
Item2885 bin/twiki fails badly if the Scheduler is not configured
Item2880 IF cannot check for existence of INCLUDE parameter
Item2879 Firefox downloads attachments as the topic name and not the real file name
Item2873 VIEW_TEMPLATEs can't be defined in subwebs
Item2841 Squabs don't find local topic before web
Item2837 Edit and FormattedSearch expands $nop, $quot, $percnt, $dollar in $formfield()
Item2820 InterwikiPlugin does not link when $page is a single character
Item2811 The viewfile script should use oopsattention instead of oopsaccessdenied
Item2788 Provide generic oopsgeneric.tmpl template for skins
Item2781 $cfg{RCS}{ciDateCmd} statement ends in comma instead of semicolon
Item2776 ICON variable shows eml.gif icon instead of mail.gif
Item2774 MailerContrib: Notification fails if there is whitespace before topic name list
Item2771 PatternSkin: Print view changed in backwards incompatible way
Item2759 Multiselect for forms does not work
Item2757 Precedence of preferences does not allow site, webs or topics to redefine plugin preferences
Item2753 Scripts hang in TWiki::UI:run at drain STDIN logic
Item2750 "oops" pages/messages must not rely on NOAUTOLINK
Item2745 Non-graceful error handling on mail issue during registration
Item2724 Include of external doc set wrong url in relative links
Item2720 Old url construction mechanism (SCRIPTSUFFIX etc) still used
Item2713 Documentation for format in META{"parent" format=...} improved
Item2712 In INCLUDE, warn parameter does not work when including a URL
Item2698 MailerContrib: Mail sending errors are ignored and cause misleading output
Item2692 In FormattedSearch, nonoise="on" header="fred" counter-intuitively suppresses the header
Item2671 Don't need to set ALLOWTOPICHANGE in Main.TWikiPreferences and TWiki.TWikiPreferences because it's already done
Item2660 Added | to TWikiPreferences for vertical bar symbol
Item2659 Extra CPAN dir needed in setlib.cfg @localPerlLibpath
Item2656 Configure script still corrupts {NameFilter} with (?-xism:
Item2655 Better documentation for TWikiRegistrationAgent
Item2650 TWikiForms checkbox values not stored in proper order
Item2639 SpreadSheetPlugin: Fix in SHORTDESCRIPTION
Item2628 USERINFO incorrectly creates nonexistent user
Item2624 InterwikiPlugin: Doc enhancements
Item2620 Doc fix: Change %W% to %X% in TWikiDocGraphics
Item2614 checkTopicEditLock does not work for anything but Edit the main screen
Item2613 Spec for normalizeWebTopicName is inconsistent
Item2605 WEBMANAGE permission no longer required (removed)
Item2601 EmptyPlugin: Debug flag init is missing
Item2596 Context not authenticated despite Apache Require valid-user Login
Item2592 misc. typos in HTML source pages
Item2588 Typo in 'UpgradeTwiki': esiting - existing
Item2584 PatternSkin: Remove blockquotes from templates
Item2575 Need the ability to protect formfields from being altered during rendering in SEARCH (added NL definition option)
Item2572 Printable looses URL parameters
Item2571 If you press CANCEL the .lease file under data/ won't be deleted
Item2544 %INCLUDE of URL on subdomain returns wrong pages
Item2543 configure shows none twice in the pulldown of Password Manager field
Item2537 Putting in minimal support for separating webs
Item252 topic preferences not inheritted from topic template
Item2511 Size of attachment should only be shown for the most recent version.
Item2496 FormattedSearch $summary has newlines
Item2495 rdiff expands REVINFO incorrectly
Item2490 oops link broken if scripts reside in top-level directory
Item2477 Move attachment log entry has HASH in extra info
Item2460 REST handler does not set context before initPlugin
Item2458 REST handlers have bad security implications
Item2453 TOC does not work correctly when page is generated using url parameters
Item2410 Can't de-select all options in a checkbox
Item2396 Need to distinguish between follow-up save and admin repRev
Item2363 perl accelerators closing STDERR will inhibit any further error log
Item2295 TemplateLogin login screen eats POST parameters
Item2168 I18N: Allow international characters in form field names
Item2156 PatternSkin: SCRIPTURL{"script"} and SCRIPTURLPATH{"script"} are not implemented everywhere
Item2153 MailerContrib: Mailnotify not running from tools directory & docs need updating
Item2054 JSCalendarContrib only works with IE in PatternSkin
Item1992 MailerContrib: Mailnotify generates bogus links with {IDsInURLs} configure option
Item1705 PatternSkin: Topic action buttons have hard coded access keys

TWiki 4.1.0 Enhancements

Item3428 TablePlugin: taking out before parsing date fields
Item3380 Support Javascript variables for content
Item3331 SpreadSheetPlugin: Add new functions $LISTRAND(), $LISTSHUFFLE(), $LISTTRUNCATE()
Item3316 Support redirectto parameter in edit
Item3291 PatternSkin: Overview documentation of pattern skin elements
Item3270 Prevent creation of all lowercase topic names.
Item3239 Putting links to configure
Item3230 Topic not found / WebTopicViewTemplate search does not search case insensitive
Item3228 CSS classes documentation
Item3191 HierarchicalNavigation
Item3189 TablePlugin: New attribute cellborder
Item3171 SlideShowPlugin: Preserve URL parameters in slideshow, use T-logo
Item3170 Don't show anything when trying to display a non existing section with section param
Item3157 New plugin handler for content move
Item3144 Make test/unit/InitFormTests more resilient to HTML changes
Item3141 Need to enable plugins on a per-topic basis
Item3115 InterwikiPlugin with link format
Item3096 Enable selecting to view named section given by URL when viewing topic.
Item3092 Views of WebRss & WebAtom should be ignored by Statistics
Item3064 Development of twikiLib.js as part of a major Java Script refactoring
Item3058 TwistyPlugin and TwistyContrib: Enhancements version 1.2
Item3037 Customizable style of new WikiWord links
Item3034 TablePlugin: give all TDs in sorted column a "sorted" CSS class
Item3017 Improve Jump Box speed in large webs
Item3016 Make "jump to similar topic" more obvious
Item2984 EditTablePlugin Date Format using JSCalendarContrib defined format instead of hard coded.
Item2936 Auto-incremented topic name on save with AUTOINC
Item2915 Allow date format in form fields
Item2914 Support templates to have text rendering affecting aspect outside of textarea
Item2908 Allow Plugin config variables to be set in bin/configure
Item2907 Configurable template load path
Item2902 RenderListPlugin: Support for image URL and TWiki.TWikiDocGraphics icons (version 22 Sep 2006 - V1.034)
Item2897 Enhance REVINFO{} with same date qualifiers as GMTIME{}
Item2836 FormattedSearch header supporting $nop, $quot, $percnt, $dollar
Item2805 CommentPlugin: Support removal of comment prompt after a comment is made
Item2802 Allow plugin prefs to be defined in configure and save time not looking for prefs in plugin topic.
Item2770 TablePlugin: Add css support for even/odd row distinction
Item2629 Add search query javascript
Item2604 It's too easy to edit EXPERT options in configure
Item2590 Configure option to replace WIKIWEBMASTER for user registration
Item2582 Add VarXXX topics for TWiki preferences
Item2556 TWiki's definition of a wikiword now see numbers as lower case letters
Item2508 WebTopicCreator - adding ability to select a template from any topic matching .*Template
Item2362 REST always tries to return text/html
Item2063 METASEARCH to take a format parameter like SEARCH
Item2000 Add search by createdate option to SEARCH
Item1704 PatternSkin: Dependence on TwistyPlugin instead of TwistyContrib (performance improvement)
Item1640 Don't strip newlines from the front of TMPL:DEFs

TWiki 4.1.1 Patch Release - Details

The 4.1.1 release was built from SVN http://svn.twiki.org/svn/twiki/Patch04x01 revision 12768 (05 Feb 2007).

TWiki 4.1.1 Fixes

Item3561 Missing js and template files in MANIFEST
Item3547 Passthrough files not cleaned up if not stored in same directory as session files
Item3546 Session files should not be mixed with normal tmp files from other applications
Item3545 Configure dies with: Not an ARRAY reference at Checker.pm line 191
Item3544 Deleting an attachment can cause TWiki to hang almost forever
Item3543 Some TWikiFAQs don't the have correct TOPICPARENT
Item3534 In INSTALL.html, add link to InstallingTWiki supplemental docs
Item3533 Redirect to viewauth broken when using script suffix and apache login
Item3529 configure stores access octals as string
Item3528 BlackListPlugin: Redirects to an empty classic style screen when you get caught
Item3523 CGI session files may contain newlines
Item3520 TWiki.spec has wrong default for directory access rights. Is 775. Must be 755.
Item3517 configure no longer warns against non-existing store settings
Item3513 AUTOINCn produces unwanted lease file, breaking the workflow
Item3511 Can't go to "next" screen in configure, using Win XP
Item3510 CommentPlugin templates newline issue - doc updates needed
Item3508 The mailnotify script has too restrictive access permission
Item3507 In formatted search $web is not expanded in header
Item3500 Several attachments missing in TWikiDocGraphics
Item3496 SpreadSheetPlugin doc work for 4.2
Item3489 Formatted search breaks with formfield variables and when using nested search
Item3488 Autoattaching a single file does not work
Item3483 Error logging in when there is apache login and DENYWEBVIEW
Item3478 Move DEPENDENCIES file from tools to lib
Item3477 Erroneous display of Perl version in configure
Item3476 Configure should warn instead of dying when perl is older then v5.8.0
Item3473 RCS error when running configure
Item3472 WebLeftBar in PatternSkin does not display first bullet correctly if first line
Item3471 Jump feature broken when a web does not have the WebTopicCreator topic
Item3461 Make sure that the latest release notes are distinguished from old ones
Item3452 Merge messes up complex form fields
Item3352 Wrong title text for button in PatternSkin (patch candidate)
Item3303 Multiple addresses in WIKIWEBMASTER causes email send fail
Item3201 Remove exclamation mark from welcoming "Hello XXX!"
Item2838 Documentation on TWiki is ambiguous

TWiki 4.1.1 Enhancements


TWiki 4.1.2 Patch Release Details

The 4.1.2 release was built from SVN http://svn.twiki.org/svn/twiki/Patch04x01 revision 13046 (2007-03-03).

TWiki 4.1.1 Fixes

Item3701 Mailing groups is broken
Item3699 Document ACLs as actually implemented
Item3687 Wrong table formatting in attachment version history
Item3685 Hidden mandatory form fields are no longer hidden in 4.1.1
Item3666 Not declaring $/ local in unit test cases and DelimitedFile.pm causes errors in perl 5.6.1
Item3664 error in regex for square bracket links
Item3663 Typo in twiki.js
Item3654 Remove lib/LocalSite.cfg.txt
Item3652 I18N: Attachments to topic with umlauts in it are lost
Item3648 Configure extensions installer fails when plugin has no install script.
Item3642 Documentation of DENYWEBRENAME and ALLOWWEBRENAME is missing
Item3640 Configure extensions installer does not install anything
Item3629 Configure breaks when it is unable to set a locale. Suggestion for fix included.
Item3622 Changes and search broken on Windows install
Item3617 Deleting form values of type "select+values" (hot fix candidate)
Item3616 SlideShowPlugin: incompatible construction of view urls
Item3597 Extension installer not working
Item3590 Broken link in include warning
Item3588 Tinker with ENV{SCRIPT_FILENAME} to get the right view
Item3587 Don't override the empty string with 'NOT SET' in TWiki::cfg (patch candidate)
Item3585 call docco for TWiki::User::setEmails is wrong
Item3584 Sandbox.WebHome create topic with AUTOINC is missing a hidden t field
Item3582 Page loads unreasonable slow under IE with Twisty enabled
Item3576 When creating a new topic, the template is always "Default template", even when the web has a WebTopicEditTemplate properly configured in the preferences.
Item3573 Fatal Error Creating Wiki Group (Windows 2003)
Item3572 Typo in bin/.htaccess template that breaks authentication
Item3571 WebChanges shows TWiki web in headline instead of current Web.
Item3568 Not all Linuxes allows TWiki to create a /tmp/twiki
Item3564 TWiki should support at least Perl 5.6.1
Item3559 The newbies experience in Configure is .... challenging
Item3557 TempfileDir checker is useless
Item3509 initializeUserHandler receives no loginName
Item3491 META:TOPICMOVED is copied from a topic template to any topic created from it
Item3443 SEARCH performance under mod_perl is awful
Item3431 The verbatim block munges text with <literal> tags
Item2953 Meta data ignored by TWiki::Func::checkAccessPermission

TWiki 4.1.2 Enhancements


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