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Relación de publicaciones en ADS:

María José Fernández Figueroa: Análisis cualitativo del espectro de la estrella peculiar HD 18474. 1971RvMad..65..113

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Pilar López de Coca: Results of the occultation of the star SAO 79100 by RHEA on 1974 1976A&A....50..121

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Elisa de Castro: The transition region structure of Kappa Ceti, 1981A&A....99..141 Angeles Diaz Beltran: The metal abundance of PAL 13, 1982AJ.....87.1190

Jordi Nebot, Carme: Corrections to Watts' Datum from Photoelectric Occultations 1982M&P....27..131

Cesca Figueras: The Influence of Unrecognized Nearby M-Stars on Local Kinematics 1983nssl.conf..307

González Riestra, Rosario: The relationship between soft X-rays and the 1640 A feature fluxes in late-type stars 1983A&A...119..227

Hernanz Carbó, Margarita: Collapse and explosion of white dwarfs. I - Precollapse evolution1983ApJ...273..320

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Gracia Rodríguez Caderot. Se fué a matemáticas, está en la UCM en Astronomía : The determination of the radial velocity … binary system ? Lyrae. 1985AnFA...81..168

Victoria Fonseca: Observation of B* production in e + e - interactions above the b-flavor threshold. Hace Rayos Cósmicos en la Complu. 1985PhRvL..55...36

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Gómez de Castro, Ana Inés: A-type supergiants observed with IUE 1986ESASP.263..427

Lola Sabau: IUE low resolution observations of blue-stragglers. 1987fbs..conf..571

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