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Participants. Galaxy Modelling with a Gaia mock catalogue

(The number of participants is limited to ~40)

Name Institute Interests Lunch Dinner
      29 1 2 29
1. Daisuke Kawata MSSL,UCL,UK Generating Gaia Mock catalogue from N-body simulations. Spiral Structures, pattern speed and stellar motion around spiral arms. x x x x
2. Francesca Figueras UB (Spain) Kinematic tracers from Spiral Structure models x x x x
3. Mercč Romero-Gómez UB (Spain) Bar and Spiral Structure models x x x x
4. Luis Aguilar UB , UNAM   x x x x
5. Teresa Antoja Kapteyn (Netherlands)   x x x x
6. Joao Alves University of Vienna Data visualization. 3D modeling of the local ISM x x x x
7. Andre Moitinho SIM - U. Lisbon Type C participant. I'm interested in the selection of star clusters; Spiral arms; optically revealed star forming regions (Large scale star formation) x x x x
8. Coryn Bailer-Jones MPIA, Heidelberg Modelling Gaia data using Bayesian methods (i.e. as participant type B); overview of the expected results/accuracies on the astrophysical parameters from CU8 (i.e. as participant type C). x x x x
9. Andreea Font University of Birmingham Generating Gaia mock catalogues from numerical simulations and comparisons with the data (groups A and B). x x x x
10. Robyn Sanderson Kapteyn Astronomical Institute (Netherlands) Constraining the dark matter distribution in the outer Galaxy with [mock] Gaia data (participant type B). x x x x
11. E. Athanassoula LAM, Marseille The bar/bulge and spirals in the MW x x x x
12. Xavier Luri UB - ICC- IEEC Luminosity calibrations, distance estimation x x x x
13. Yago Isasi UB - ICC - IEEC Explotation from the knowledge discovery point of view. Several technical architecture tests. x x x -
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