• Can we use the nearby velocity distribution to constrain the properties of the bar and the spiral arms of the MW? Gaia capabilities T. Antoja, F. Figueras, O. Valenzuela, M. Romero-Gómez, B. Pichardo (Universidad de Barcelona)
  • () B. Arcay, M. Manteiga (Universidad de A Coruña)
  • Gaia Broad Band Photometry J.M. Carrasco, C. Jordi, M. Gebrane, H. Voss, C. Fabricius (Universidad de Barcelona)
  • () C. Carrión (UNED)
  • Preparing the Besançon Galaxy Model for the comparison with the Gaia data M. Czekaj, A. Robin, X. Luri, F. Figueras, M. Haywood
  • () C. González Fernández (Universidad de Alicante)
  • The SVO role in the Consolider-GTC project: "First Science with the GTC F. Jiménez Esteban (Ctro. astrobiología, CSIC-INTA)
  • () B. López Martí (Ctro. astrobiología, CSIC-INTA)
  • Tracing the Milky way spiral arms. Now and in the Gaia era M.Monguió, P.Grosbøl, F.Figueras (Universidad de Barcelona)
  • () D. Montes (Universidad Complutense de Madrid)
  • () E. Pallé (IAC)
  • Study of the resonant streams in the galactic disk through N-body simulations S. Roca, M. Romero-Gómez, T. Antoja, F. Figueras (Universidad de Barcelona)
  • Modeling the spiral arms of the Milky Way using invariant manifolds. The effects of the Galactic bar M. Romero-Gómez, E. Athanassoula, T. Antoja, F. Figueras (Universidad de Barcelona)
  • () N. Sánchez Doreste (IAA)
  • () M.C. Sánchez Gil (IAA)
  • () A. Ulla (Universidad de Vigo)
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