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Summary of activities January 2017 - March 2017

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T4.2 - Visualization

  • Visualisation Coordination Meeting in Viena between CU9 Visualisation WP980 manager and co-manager
  • Update WP Structure: Revise WP980 membership, level of resources. Started sub-WP organisation
  • Planning for DR2: New functionalities of visualisation web service.


  • More plot types and extended features for Archive web visualisation portal (2D binned plots, improved 3D scatter plots, Session saving and restoring)
  • Code optimisation (speed of serving visualisations)
  • Increased software test coverage
  • Bug identification and fixing
  • Started concept development of “Poster” visualisation for DR2

T4.3 - Data Mining

  • Team attended GENIUS/DPAC plenary meeting 23-27 Jan Sitges, Spain
  • New Virtual Image of a 'miniaturized' version of the platform is available for download. It incorporates all GDAF platform features.
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